InSb detector is a photonic mid-wave infrared device with a spectral response range of 1μm-5.5μm. Compared with lead salt detectors such as PbS and PbSe, it has a wider spectrum, higher response speed and higher signal-to-noise ratio.
Application: gas analysis, spectrum analysis, radiometer, infrared microscopy, etc.

LN cooled MCT

The MCT (HgCdTe) detector is a photonic long-wave infrared device. The spectral response range of TEC cooling is 2μm-9μm, and the spectral response range of liquid nitrogen or Stirling cooling can reach 2-24um. It has the highest signal-to-noise ratio and response speed of long-wave infrared, can provide two-color, four-quadrant or array products.
Applications: Gas analysis, infrared Fourier spectroscopy, thermal imaging, pollution monitoring, etc.