Increase The Life Of Skates

Each person who is doing ice skating knows that the ice skates are quite expensive and buying them in short period of time is not possible for any person until they have the sack full of money. There are a number of cases where the candidate left conducting this activity as they ended up getting their boots in the worst condition and can’t afford to buy them again. In order, if you don’t want to be one of them then follow the below-stated tip and it will help you to maintain the skates at top notch condition.

Maintenance tips for ice skates

  • Keep the ice skates sharp, but not too sharp as well. The sharp blade grabs the better grip on the ice as compared to dull one. It is the responsibility of the person to sharpen the blades in short time period.
  • Nothing can be more stupid than a person wearing the skate boots on the floor. Even the person should be using the skate guard every time they are on the ice. If you can’t wear the guards due to any reason than try to walk on the toe pick.
  • Once you are done with the ice skating, and leaving to your place, the first thing you should be doing is wiping off the water and ice placed on the boot and blade. Especially the blade as there are high chances that they will be catching rust and their life would be shortening.


Holding ice skates? Then try to follow the above mentioned tips and following them is beneficial for you only as it will let you to avoid the repurchasing of ice skates again and again. Secondly the well maintained shoes are helpful to the candidate as it help them to surf easily of the ice arena.