All You Need To Know About The VIN and VIN Decoder

In summary, we can liken the VIN to a birth certificate as it is easy to use it to verify the authenticity, get information about the manufacturer of the vehicle, and all the basic information you need to know about the vehicle and it is unique to a specific vehicle. You can be able to find the VIN on different parts of the vehicle body. Some vehicles, it sticks on the dashboard while others you have to open the driver’s side door label to see it. If you learn how to use the VIN and how to use the VIN decoder, you will become more knowledgeable and be able to keep your vehicle secure and safe.

How to Decode the VIN

Your VIN is unique to your car and you cannot find any other vehicle with a VIN exactly like yours. A VIN is not just a group of 17 digits, but a sequence which represents your car’s DNA. Each code and number represents something significant to your car. There is no simple VIN as all of them look complex, but all in all, they represent the same sequence:

  • The 1st to the 3rdslot represents the country where the vehicle was originally made, manufactured, and the manufacturers’ division
  • The 4th to the 8thslot represents digits used by manufacturers for different purposes. Weight, trim specs, horsepower, engine size, platform, and model
  • The 9th slot represents a check digit which is used in combination with other digits to make sure that the VIN is valid.
  • The 10th slot represents the model year
  • The 11th slot represents the plant where the vehicle was made
  • 12th to the 17th slots serve a sequence number within the production line of a model

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How to Purchase the Best Car Covers

When it comes to looking for the best for your car, then you should invest on things that ensure safety and protection. This calls for repair and maintenance services, as well as a good car cover to make sure it is safe and dry underneath the weather conditions or small accidents that may happen when it isn’t being used. A good car cover ensures the best out of your car while it is idle and in the garage or parked outside your home. But how will you choose the best car covers with the many available types? In this article, we show you how to choose good car covers you and your car need. car-covers-5

How to Purchase the Best Car Covers

When choosing the best car covers, here are some things you will want to consider:

  • What are the sizes and dimensions of your car? It’s best to check for car covers that are compatible for your car. Luckily, there are car covers that are universal and will suit any car type.
  • Consider the weather conditions and environment your car is usually parked on. Is it always raining or extra sunny? Get the proper car cover with the material suited for any type of weather condition, and one that can protect your car from any small scratches and dings.
  • Look for a good design suitable to your preference. It’s best to get basic colors to avoid it being too “noticeable” for people to vandalize or steal!
  • Find one that is suitable to your budget and from reputable online stores or local car shops. Not to worry, as car covers are affordable and will fit any budget!greet-custom-car-cover-all-about-car-hd-galleries-with-custom-car-cover-79

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these tips on choosing the good car covers you and your car need will help you! So what are you waiting for? Invest on the right car covers and protect your car.