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Oct 2
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Our goal:

Just $5,000 to create a business selling low-cost sanitary pads in rural India.

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October 3, 2008: Great news! We're pleased to say that our fundraising goals have been achieved! Thanks to 69 people and organizations who made this possible. We'll continue to update this page with information about the progress. Thanks to all who donated!

September 1, 2008: We've added an FAQ to address a number of the issues raised on our blog.

A healthy period is a western luxury.

Oprah says we should celebrate our periods. Which is easy to say when a healthy period is only a trip to Walgreens away. But in rural India, the cost of your box of Stayfree can be three full days' salary. So with tampons and pads out of the question, many rural Indian women control their flows by stuffing dirty rags up inside of them.

Sorry to be so graphic. But that's how it is. And it means that poor Indian women risk vaginal and urinary tract infections (and thus illness, incontinence, and infertility) during every period from puberty to menopause.

But today you can help solve this problem by donating seed capital to a small-scale, market-based pilot effort to create affordable pads.

Help create health and opportunity -- at the same time.

Your donation will help the Pardada Pardadi Girls School create a business that a) provides extremely low-cost pads and b) creates employment opportunities for women in a region that has almost none. The money we raise will:

This will cost $5,000, or the equivalent of twenty-five iPhones. Here's how it'll work.

Your donation will not create a not a charity. This program aims to create a self-sustainable business.

As the project progresses, we'll ensure you get updates: pictures of the girls who run the business, pictures of the machine, and regular updates as the product moves to market.


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Help spread the word.

Because men and women will identify with this issue in different ways, we've created two email templates you can use: one for women and one for men.